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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Designer Gareth Pugh received an award from France's National Association for Fashion Development, and will show in Paris this September. Well, then. He certainly doesn't seem like your ordinary designer (a bit, wait, a LOT more obsessed on the whole goth thing) but different is good, right? hm. Following are some pieces from his Fall 2008 RTW and the designer himself.

Is a furry cape with shoulder pads (? I didn't know how else to decribe that) really necessary? Well, points for...creativity??


Even extremely rich people have bad hair days..!


The "Permanent Wave" of the 1920's-1930's. Doesn't this make you oddly thankful that we have curling irons, digital perm technology, etc.?

Friday, June 27, 2008


In the lovely "museum" I call my home. The painting is oil on canvas (though the flash on my camera kind of altered it just a tad) of a scene in Yellowstone by my dad.

I felt like I should explain my random-word post titles. Those are SAT words ;] fyi. Aren't you proud? I'm still studying while I blog! ...


THIS IS PRETTY MUCH WHY I LOVE TENNIS. Wimbledon 08. Maria Sharapova's tuxedo-style jacket and tuxedo "bib" chiffon top with shorts. Serena William's trenchcoat. Venus William in her sportswear line "eleven" (because she always does better than 10 out of 10..). Anna Fitzpatrick in a silver belt and miniskirt. Julia Vakulenko in a double-breasted jacket. AND of course Roger Federer's monogrammed cardigan. [and since I went to tennis practice this morning, I am still wearing my nike tennis skirt while I am writing this, since it was too comfy to take off!. pics from telegraph.co.uk]


Fendi SS09. If it just so happens that you are like me and your right-contact is being weird hence your right eyeball is useless, in this picture those are red heels. (Wedges, to be exact). But if you have not noticed yet, those are man-ankles. Fendi put men in wedges. So what do YOU think, is the men-in-high-heels are trend that should be totally ignored??

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My younger sister warned me not to ping my Anthropologie tights. Ping as in...be-careful-you-dont-break-a-thread-or-else-ping.ping.ping (those are sound effects, fyi)-the-whole-thing-will-fall-apart-one-thread-at-a-time!


PROJECT RUNWAY. Season 5, July 15th on Bravo! I am beyond excited.. you have no idea.
Oh, and I just stumbled upon the fashion blog of Victorya Hong, who also has a blog like many of us :]


Triumph Inspiration Awards in Tokyo, Japan. yeahh..I know...what the heck. Asian swimsuit seasons kind of freak me out now. [picture from seattle pi]


Donatella Versace deicated her Spring 2009 men's collection to none other than...Barack Obama. Is it just me or is fashion getting more and MORE political? Anyways, Donatella's tips to Obama was to "get rid of the tie and jazz up the shirt". Which is probably why there are no ties in her collection. Do you think Obama would listen? If he did, I'd like him a lot more, although I'm sadly not old enough to vote anyways. I want to see how the democratic nominee would "jazz up" his shirt! Perhaps steal some silk from Versace?

Monday, June 23, 2008


Lazy summer days are best spent in my backyard :]

I wish I could wear a darling little hat and have a cool British accent! [and be a princess. actually, maybe not, I don't think I would frolick around a college campus in my birthday suit] Royal Ascot Horse Races "Ladies Day" in Ascot, England. [pictures from Seattle PI]


It was "Miss Universe" National costume day. Yeah. No offense and all, but is prancing around in your country's costume really necessary? OH wait, of course it is! It's so we can all laugh a little at them.


The smartly dressed Karl Lagerfeld is the new face of a French road safety campaign? Well, I don't know any old man who can make an ugly yellow vest like that look so classy. [P.S. I opted for Spanish instead of French, so I have no idea what the ad says. What does it say?]


Shear Genius season two premiere this wednesday, June 25th on Bravo! I enjoyed the last season, especially this one episode where they separated into teams and went into a random mall and each team had to make their own hair-cutting area and see who could make the most money...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Wrong Trousers

By the way..http://www.wallaceandgromit.com/charity/ ..haha.