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Saturday, November 22, 2008

ahh sorry. blogging break.

see you january 2009 perhaps?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This post was way to exciting for just one word. So it's a !!!

First of all, I'll return comments and hopefully upload new photos this weekend, so that I can post more than once a week.

Second, I raised my math grade!

Third, this is the reason for the '!!!' Ready? Alexander Mcqueen is coming out with a collection called McQ that will be available at target march 1, 2009 to april 11, 2009!! Charlotte Ronson is collaborating with J.C.Penny for a line called "I heart Ronson" coming Spring 2009 with prices ranging from $15 to $65. Thakoon now has clothes available at Target as part of Target's Go! International Series.

On second thought, I may not be uploading my photos this weekend. I'll see you at Target instead:]

Finally, what's a good post without some inspirational picture? [Gianni Versace Sketch]