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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sorry that I haven't posted in so long! I've been busy interning at a summer music camp, performing concerts, etc. So since I've been involved in so much random music events, I'd like to share picture from the Viktor & Rolf runway. (Just in case you were wondering, yes, I do play violin)
Plus, my birthday just passed this week and I have a brand new sewing machine :] It's known as "confidence", the brand is singer. I love it, it's so easy to use. Even my little sister has been experimenting with it and is creating outfits for her stuffed animals.
I promise I will try to post more frequently!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Abet (v): to aid, help, encourage.

I'll be busy these next few weeks, but I'll try to keep up with posting to keep you entertained :] Sorry if I'm behind on commenting back, etc.

So a "trend" that I've been seeing more and more of: customizing your own bags/shoes/whatever-youwant. From build-a-bear to PRADA purses, this is a trend that I can definitely cope with :]

"Customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of decadent materials (suede, leather, crocodile, python, alligator, snakeskin…), rich colors, hardware and detailing so that their bag can be a reflection of their personal tastes and style." Available in Paris, Milan, London, and Tuscany stores. [-The Fashion Spot]

Pick and choose the color, the message, and the packaging for your m&ms at http://www.mymms.com/ Psh, it's all delicious chocolate, so it doesn't matter what the colors are to me!

Customize all the colors that go onto your converse, and personalize it by adding your name (although I personally would add any interesting really long random word) if you wish. www.converse.com

So what would YOUR Prada purse look like?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


[spurios: (adj) not genuine; false; counterfeit. Ex: This blogger does not respect spurious purses.

Guess what?
It's July 16th.
This should be a holiday. Guess what is on Bravo tonight?
For more sneakpeeks on season 5, check out http://www.bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/ This season includes Blayne Walsh, a Seattle native, rumored to be the next Christian Siriano? I'm sorry, but I don't think people should be the next "this person" or the next "that person" shouldn't they just be themselves? Anyways, the last Seattle native to appear on Project Runway left because of a staph infection, but you can see what he's up to on http://www.jackmackenroth.com/.

For a little bit of a more productive post, please see the one below!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Sesquipedelian means someone who uses big words. (Yeah..an artist friend of my dad told him, who just told me..) I dare you to use that in a sentence.

More about this vest later. BUT I will say that the sewing parts of it was officially completed today :]] after a lot of procrastinating, fixing it, re-doing the design here and there, etc.! Was a random project really supposed to be this complicated..?

It's nice to see that the Lagerfeld has a sense of humor! His body gaurd wears the same vest that he wears in his new French ad campaign.

I just couldn't help it....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


hes·per·id·i·um The fruit of a citrus plant, like an orange.
[I will use this word for the rest of my life. hah, not.]

A couple mornings ago my dad walks in, saying something about Topshop. Of course, this shocked me beyond belief, how did my lovely father know about Topshop? It turns out that FORTUNE MAGAZINE wrote an article featuring Topshop/Sir Philip Green and how it is migrating over to the states. (Sir Philip Green is the billionaire behind Topshop, and he was also knighted in 06. I thought this was interesting, so I wanted to share! Click to enlarge, I apologize for my imperfect scanning skills.

Any new black 100% cotton tights are the most comfortable thing in the world, dont you think? I want to sleep in them, haha.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Indolent means lazy [SAT WORD!] , and this post is lazy alright. Okay, next post will be more didactic! [SAT WORD!]

Hope those who live in the states had a good fourth of July!

Gucci? No, look again. This is actually from Gwen Stefani's line L.A.M.B., and its named after her son. Aww. But really. It looks a lot like Gucci, don't you think?

Marc Jacobs. I think that at first glance this had a little-girl quality (I'm talking toddler shoes, minus the high heels) but I love the gold toe and the gold heel and the overall innocent prettiness, and it definitely grows on me!

[pics from thefindbuzz.com]

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Pictures from Day TWO, just to get your curiosity going :] If you want to see more, be sure to see style.com or some other site to look at all the inspiring couture designs! Some of these are amazing of course, and some of them are questionable, but they're ALL entertaining to look at. Plus, it's also entertaining to imagine certain troubled celebrities stumbling around in some of these outfits.

Christian Lacroix, of course.!

Cathy Pill [a Belgium designer. This definitely wasn't a major show though, but it's an interesting collection with all the colors she used, etc. I am, however, confused about the feet/shoes. It reminds me of my elementary sidewalk chalk days]

GEORGES CHAKRA. [wait, who is this? I'm confused. I really like this third purple dress though, the shape of it is gorgeous]

CHANEL. I like looking at pictures besides the ones from style to see the RUNWAY that the models walk on.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What do you think? Should older men strut the runway too? [haha I can't believe I just said "strut"] I think it's great that there's diversity, but it just doesn't look quite right.

Christian Dior Haute Couture. [aka amazing little things. pics from seattle pi and style.com]

This last picture is definitely my favorite because of the moodiness and sophistication. The reason I really like and appreciate this collection so much is because of the amazing SEWING. Seriously, can YOU do that type of sewing and folding and draping and etc. etc.? The dresses with the bows in front..you can't tell where the bow starts and ends since it's all connected to the dress. There's pretty much nonexistent hems, which makes me stare at the picture in awe. (Though after 20 minutes of staring at the pretty dresses on the computer, I have to look away for 20 seconds. I learned that from health class haha..)

If you look at the back view of this dress it looks like a heart! It may not have been on purpose, but that was just something I thought was interesting.