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Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day

Apologies for the recent lack of posts...

1. One day fashion weeks is going to become so extravagant that it will be held entirely underwater. Maybe in some sort of underwater aquarium contraption thing? That's my prediction.

2. Neiman Marcus is also coming to WA, Bellevue to be in fact. This is late news, but I just wanted to say...ONE MORE YEAR. (It is opening in 2009)

3. Happy Presidents Day!

5. Spring Sports is coming up! Good luck to anyone trying out for a sport.

4. I hear so many people now saying "I want to change my look" but they don't know where to begin. If you really want to change your look, I think you should try a new haircut, and then change your clothes. Clotheswise, how about starting with the jacket (instead of hoodies, try cardigans), shoes (for girls, an easy switch is to go from athletic shoes to something more fashionable. Try shoes with a little heel, maybe a wedge, which will stand out from the safer option; ballet flats.) and knowing that you don't ALWAYS have to wear jeans will help your transition :]

5. We call first dibs on the Jovovich-Hawk collection coming to Target on March 2nd!