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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ode to Christian Siriano

You're full of so much attitude
It puts us in a good mood
The world says "fierce" because of you
Even though you're so young, we never said "boo"
Keep on being confident, it has worked so far,
You've set the standard, you've raised the bar.
You keep your goals in mind, you know exactly what you want,
I dream of conversing with you over tea and a crossaint
For such a young designer, you know what to do
You work so hard to be confident, my role-model is you.
Congratulations on the Project Runway win,
Christian Siriano, you are SOO "in"!

...Not a bad poem for off the top of my head, right?...

Hurry to http://www.projectrunway.com/, and you can have the chance to participate in auctions for the designer's items...straight off the runway! The money goes to the HOPE foundation.


Miss V. said...

oh no! I haven't watched a single episode of the new Project Runway but now I know who won! Nice poem, by the way.

Allure said...

I'd never watched project runway till yesterday. And I like it a lot!

hannah said...

great poem. christian would love it.

im so glad he won! he had the best collection by far. but my dream was that jack would show up in the end and win...


i love christian! and ive been planning on uploading some pics of my fashion illustrations but i have to wait to get some back from colleges i applied to~

Jill said...

I honestly liked all the collections. I think it's cool how they've introduced the option of bidding.

Katelin said...

Have you seen the "tribute" to him from SNL, it was pretty good :)

Marilyn Hayward said...

Oh Christian...what will I do without my weekly dose of fierceness?

ChiliLady said...

He's awesome!

Aisha said...

It sucks we don't have that show here (not even in cable tv), but i wish we had it, seems pretty cool =(