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Friday, September 12, 2008


lament (v) to express grief for; mourn

Congrats to the twenty that made it to the next round of the teenvogue competition. I've decided that I am long overdue for ordering Nylone mag. instead of TeenVogue. I have also decided that I will take care of my frustration by sewing :]] and giving my blog new blog some more tlc. Good way to release random negative energy, hm?

Betsey Johnson cupcakes can always cheer me up! [pic; the cobrasnake]
I am off to the sewingino machino magnificico. I have no idea what exactly I just said, but anyways..pictures tomorrow!


Make Do Style said...

It's so hard to leave a fav magazien behind and the jump from teen vogue to Vogue is too much. I'd go for Elle as next point and Nylon for occasions - I find it too try hard at times much as I love it!
I'm liking the cup cakes too...

camille said...

yes, zooey is very beautiful and her pictures too ♥.
i loved betsey johnson cupcakes, they are so cute!
lots of love!

coco said...

Is it bad that I want to eat all of those?

fashion herald said...

yummm. sorry about the contest, i hope the cupcakes made you feel better!

yiqin; said...

Anything related to Betsey Johnson is amazing ;)

Nina (femme rationale) said...

those cupcakes look yummy! let's link! :)

Kira Fashion said...


don´t worry about contest, they are not so fair...that´s why i am not into them :)))
a kiss my friend :)


Shoshi said...

YUM! Betsey Johnson cupcakes...nearly as delicious as her clothes!

Narcissistic Youth said...

mmm i wish my everyday life was a Betsey Johnson Fashion show. So dreamy!

Anonymous said...


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