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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christian Dior Resort 2009

Pictures are in no particular order.

The ruffled tiers adds flirty yet elegant shape to this jacket. I have to ask though, what is with the furry sleeves? Well, I guess it adds texture..

Chanel Iman looks so sophisticated in this picture. The pure white dress adds on to the sophistication!

Remember my post from Bangkok Fashion Week with the sombreros? [http://thatshautttefashion.blogspot.com/2008/04/bangkok-fashion-week.html] Look what unique hat decided to show up again..

This dress isn't terribly special, but the ruffles are borderline cute and the color of this dress looks stunning with her skin tone.

This outfit I love, partially because the material looks so fun and flowing, etc. etc. and the bow around the waist is pretty and flattering. I want to reach out and touch the fabric!

Another sombrero! What do you think of these huge bows plopped right on top of your stomach?

This dress is more betsey-johnson-esque than I thought would be ever be in this runway show, but the lace and all is still very feminine and pretty :]

A box-shaped jacket. And daisies. I don't have much input for this one, but I can't decide if that means I like it or I don't.

The neckline. The collar. That's really cool

Who ordered the birthday cake? Okay, I'll stop now I respect Christian Dior you know I do.

That necklace! If you are ever looking for a bold statement piece with animal print, this is the way to go.

Do you want your chest to look like a fish tail/fin too?

I'm in a mermaid mood today...and I do not know why. This elegant dress is something I'd imagine a land-version of some queen mermaid to wear.

It takes amazing and incredible sewing skills to make a dress look like it has no shape yet so much shape and drapery and details and everything at the same time.

Pretty gown, not unique, but then again this isn't Haute Couture, so it's perfectly alright!

Okay this one isn't so much of a birthday cake now. The detailed belt makes this dress so wearable, I wonder what celeb is going to come out wearing this first.

I put this picture in because it disappoints me. (Got to show the good and bad, right?) Like something you would find in the teen prom section.

If there were such thing as a casual ball gown. This would be it. (I attempted sketching casual ball gowns once, it was interesting.)

Those bows from earlier in the runway show have appeared again! (This was the last outfit, sorry these are out of order). At first I thought this would be way better in color, but then I realized this nude color makes this dress way less cheesy.

I just had to show another sombrero pic. I wonder if the people at Christian Dior were aware of the international fashion show at Thailand that used these?
Dmitri Shostakovich (a famous musician/composer) once said "Good composers borrow, great composers steal". Now change the word "Composers" with "designers"

I just had to put in this dress too.The thing about this dress that I liked was the neckline. Oh, and the earrings!


Katelin said...

i love the lacy one, so cute.

Always In Style said...

Those pale blues are pretty and I kind of like the "birthday cake" one!

Wendy said...

The dresses are so fantastic.

daan said...

loooove the dresses.

hannah said...

love it!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I agree with all your comments, there were truly some beautiful pieces!

LML said...

this collection is DIVINE!!!

bowerbird said...

So many vintage inspired pieces - from the 20's through to the 80's - I love it!

Anonymous said...

Never seen a Mexican inspired collecting from Dior since the 50's thanks for posting. So true to the old Mexican culture and love the pancho villa inspiration ...