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Monday, April 7, 2008

Bangkok Fashion Week

There's so many international fashion weeks I've never kept up with, such as the Bangkok, Thailand fashion week. Pictures from Seattle PI

This is "KAI" by famous Thai designer Somchai Kawtong. The huge sombrero/rice-patty hats/whatever you want to call them made me smile so I had to put this picture up!

Closer detail. Look at the circle-y fringe/detailing that's under the dress. It really suits spring.

This isn't especially original and is a little bit too prom-like, but the cool draping and bubble hem made me give in to this dress. Is this color a purple, pink, magenta, plumeria, lavender, etc.? Whatever it is, it's a pretty color too.

Pink sombrero!

By "Hook's". If mermaids had fancy balls, they would wear that. Is that some sort of fancy swim-cap inspired hat? Interesting. I love how this picture captured its movement.

It's that hat again! This is just a cute little dress, but I like the black detailing it has.

By "Senada". So what do you think the wet slicked back hair means? Summer? I'm-Clean-Since-I-Just-Took-a-Shower? Casual? Mermaids? Oceans? Lakes? etc.?

I just noticed that she has blue lips! Then that narrows it down to a "I just stepped out of the freezing ocean!" look or a "It's summer! Blue raspberry popsicles are delicious" look.


Olivia said...

Those hats are crazy.! I love them.

anna. said...

i love those whacko hats.
and that long, flowing dress.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Those hats are wild, I wonder if anybody will attempt them?

aficionada said...

your blog is haute!
thanks for the link, i linked you too =)
i'm loving those over sized floppy hats ♥

Jenn said...

I love them hats for Kai. But I'm not sure about the blue lips for Senada.

Jill said...

The makeup and hair choices are different, but I really like the white and black tiered dress!
Thanks for linking me!

Jenn said...

Thanks! I just added you to my links page, too.

Secretista said...

Very interesting!

nannies crochet said...

lanvin have something similiar to the last look... but is in HOT PINK!

because im addicted said...

wow! those big hats make me want to go to the kentucky derby!

fashion adict said...

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