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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Polygamist Fashion Statement

After reading an article that was recently featured in many newspapers, I learned that there are so many small details in the clothes that the Polygamist women are wearing. Their dresses are obviously meant to be modest and to create unity. However, there's special stitchings in their dresses to protect the body and to remind you of your commitment, and their pastel colors represent femininity without coming off too boldly. What amazed me the most is that they never cut their hair, and they roll their bangs back without curling irons of any sorts (that's considered to be too modern). Imagine curling extremely long strands of your hair into ringlets without a curling iron!

This past week the women from the Texas polygamist compound have been constantly featured on the news, and not only does their story shock people, but their clothes stand out too. Could these clothes influence our modern-day fashion?

[photo from Elle.com] [photo; Associated Press]


The Stylish Wanderer said...

Lol, literally. Thats hilarious.

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The Clothes Horse said...

These polygamists really frighten me! There are some real conservative Christians at my school who don't cut their hair and won't wear skirts above the knees...

Anonymous said...

I have just finished my graduate fashion design collection inspired by the 'yearning for zion'FLDS pastel praire dress look. I am obsessed by how conservative they try and look yet how striking it comes off when outside of the compound.