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Saturday, October 18, 2008


The word opulent doesn't actually have anything to do with this post..I just watched a ProjectRunway re-run and Michael Kors said the word opulent about 10 gazillion times. I wonder, is he good at vocab? He should take the SAT for me.

All my neighbors asked me what I was doing in my front yard with jeans, a bottle of bleach, and scissors. It looked like I was killing the lawn with bleach. Seriously, who kills grass with bleach?
My design: shorts [except technically I didn't make this from fabric, I just cut it into shorts and bleached it], and black satin sash/belt.

Thank you to those who liked my boots, they're from my sweet grandmother :] Also, thanks to those who like my "poses", I only do that when I'm alone. Which is why currently all my pictures are in my backyard, since I don't have the guts to go somewhere cool, setup my camera, and stick a leg out here and bend over there and make faces at my camera.

I am all psat-ed out. and todai-ed out. my sister and i put dimsun in our purses to take home as a snack later. if you ever go to todai (an asian buffet place thing thats kind of pretty much amazing) bring your humongous overly trendy purses!


skid loader rental said...

very clever.

used mini excavator said...

yeah! its much better,

The Daily Masquerade said...

great pose! that jump looks so cool! love your jeans, I wanted to do that, but never got it right..

Miranda said...

do you live in ny??
lol psats. thank goodness i'm done with those. what school do you go to?

Miranda said...

hahaha i see
cuz there's a todai in ny and i got confused :)
you should so open a paypal :D
you can always use google checkout too

heartofpearl♥ said...

targets got some gd stuff! need to check it out too:) i really like the idea of DIY bleaching. i would prob have a handful of clothes to bleach!! the poses are cute :) x

Bella said...

Fantastic image... the boots and your bleached-out DIY are amazing!

rachel said...

you are so cute! I love how you customized those shorts! maybe I should start taking classes so I can learn to DIY... I am so not the self-learn type when it comes to that ;p and you are so good at it!

haha. I get what you mean. All of my pictures were taken when I was alone too. ;p

♥ R

p.s. I put you on my blog roll!

Fashion Pariah said...

Great poses, i wish i was more inventive, lol. I'm going to be bleaching some jeans soon, you did a great job.

fashion herald said...

well done, cute bleaching job!

yiqin; said...

Ohyes, I am more comfortable doing poses when I am alone, like facing a tripod! Hahaha

emilie and emily said...

1) thank you for the lovely commenting
2) you're absolutely adorable
3) you've got some grrreat photos goin' on here.

sure, i'll link you.

maria said...

hey.. found your blog from $oulphate.
I love your DIY short and your pose of course..:)

Sophia said...

Yuck, I'm PSAT-ed out too!

Sweet idea --- very creative! I may have to try that! =]

Dana (MODAna) said...

love how rhe jeans came out!

Hannah Cheeto said...

I'm sure my neighbors think I'm pretty weird too. =) The shorts look good though. And I took the SATs last weekend too.

Link up?

STEFANIE said...

haha cute pics ^-^ and the shorts look cool too!

discobitch! said...

this is my first time on this blog and i love it!(:
wanna trade links?
&btw i think your really pretty

styledigger said...

Great boots, I'm jealous about your grandmother;)

El Notable said...

Hi! love your blog. You have great style

copperoranges said...

i love the bow as a belt! brilliant!

Demi said...

they've come out great :)
and great pictures!

Stompface said...

you look like you are about to jump in a wild acrobatic move in that first picture.
I hope that you did!

those shorts are hot
great job!

徵信 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.