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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spot the Fake?!

In a world full of ebay liars, loud cheap fleamarket vendors, and too many "Made in China" tags than I want to see, there are so many fakes out there. Fake purses, fake designer clothes, fake sports jerseys, fake drugs, fake people, and too much more to list. Can you spot the fake? Do you have a fake? Are you a fake yourself? That is the question.
Try these quizzes from the internet, have fun, and don't be a fake! ;]


I'll even tell you my score if you tell me your score...


Madeleine said...

On the first quiz i only got one wrong
the second i got 4 right >.<
the last quiz i got 5 right, 2 wrong

whatd you get?

Thats Hauttte Fashion said...

heyy pretty good!
the only one I got wrong was that diabetic strip one, on the last quiz haha