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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


A controversial topic:
The Aberzombie.

aberzombie (n) middle or highschooler who constantly wears clothes from Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, or American Eagle. Although there's nothing wrong with these stores, aberzombies tend to look like a walking billboard.

Almost everyone has worn or thought about wearing Abercrombie sometime in their life. For our generation, these type of stores have become infamous classics. Since they're so popular among middle and highschoolers, everyone has the risk of wearing similar or the same things as someone else. People, especially girls, tend to blend in, and their clothes show that they're scared to wear other clothes, or they desperately want to look like a twin. Or they like being called an Aberzombie.

Don't think I'm against these stores...there's alot of clothes that don't make your chest look like a billboard. There are cute and simple basics, sweaters, jacket, and addicting cologne/perfume (if you don't pour it on yourself!) Then, there's the Aberzombie material: huge logos, writing on the t-shirts, etc. You know you're turning into an Aberzombie when all your shirts/sweaters are cut in the exact same style. You know you ARE an Aberzombie when almost all your jeans are the same, and you wear cologne/perfume from the same stores you buy clothes from.

Are you or your friends suffering from this? You don't have to not wear your clothes, just shop from different stores too, keep your mind open, watch others at school or on the street, learn from the ways different people dress, accessorize your outfits that are on the brink of aberzombie-ness, and try not to wear an outfit that consists of Abercrombie/Hollister/AE shirt, cami (girls), jeans, flipflops, cologne/perfume, jacket, bag, etc. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. ♥


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Jackie said...

I'm just saying that... If more than half the school are aberzombies, no one is going to think you're right.

but i do wish i had thought of this idea before.

the t-shirt girl said...

lol good explanation
and awesome blog! i think its so cool that the whole thing is "secret." what a great idea!