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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tall && Short

What is best for you to wear, or not wear, when you're either tall or short? Everyone has their favorite physical aspects, and then some that could use a little boost. What can you do? (Besides cosmetic plastic surgery of course.) Clothes cut in certain ways or with certain patterns can give your body the encouragement it needs.

Wearing fitted wide-leg pants with heels underneath makes you go from looking like 5'2" to 5'10", although of course results may vary. When your friends ask you what you did, or if you're wearing heels, shrug it off and change the subject! In the summer, wearing short-shorts show off leg, which gives you more height! The same goes for a mini-dress that shows off leg. Wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are too big and hang off of you will make you look smaller, or make you look like you're melting.

If you're tall, wearings cut off tights or leggings show that youre tall, without making you tower over others. Add a mini-skirt over, and you're a giant no more. Avoid big, flowery, or striped patterns, as they can elongate or draw attention to places where you don't need extra attention. Also wear clothes that fit, and especially not clothes too small or too tight.

For you boys:
For you vertically challenged boys, it's a little bit harder for you to "gain" height, since most mens shoes are flat. However, by wearing fitted clothes, you will look taller than if you wear baggy clothes, which weighs you down.

Most men don't mind being too tall, I just have the same piece of advice. Make sure your clothes fit, since that will always compliment your size, regardless of how tall or short you are! If for some reason you do want to make your tall frame seem a little bit shorter, avoid stripes, especially vertical stripes, and large patterned clothing.

Although these tips are helpful, once you know for sure you've stopped growing, everyone should be proud of their height and show it off. :]