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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Break's Officially Over...

...and I'm sorry to say I was disappointed in some of you today. However...I did notice...

-The obvious patriots fan. [you know who you are] Your clothing shows your character, your uniqueness, and what you believe in. :]
-The blonde with the grey 3/4 sleeved trapeze-styled sweater. A simple piece in a very simple outfit, yet still different from everything else in the halls.
-The petite dark haired girl with what resembles Uggs, but are definitely definitely better than the original ugg. Your black and red checkered and patterned shoes stood out in a good way.
-Hoodies are better than plain sweatshirts, and I liked the grey with colorful dinosaurs, the colorful hoodies without the huge obvious Abercrombie,Hollister,AE, etc. logo, the bold blue and black glencheck hoodie paired with a studded wide black belt, and the other hoodies with cool patterns, words, etc. :]
-The purple/grey pants with silver pinstripes
-The brunette wearing what seems to be a simple t-shirt, but with the slightest flaring cut apart sleeves.
-The silver wedges barely hidden under straight-cut jeans
-The colorful converse [with various colors all on one shoe], keds billabong/roxy, various ballet flats,wedges and pumps, etc. You stood out among the Uggs. :] [Not saying anything bad to the many girls wearing Uggs. Maybe you were extremely tired this morning, maybe you didn't want to think of an outfit, or maybe you were having an "off" day]

Hope you stayed awake your first day back from break :] Good Luck waking up early tomorrow! ♥


Master Lee said...

holy shit do you have like one of those notepad things and just write down what people wear to school? thats a bit creepy

ThatsHauttteFashion said...

Hey Han.
Nope, that was just the day we were paying attention more.

master lee said...

thats greeeeaaaat