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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Semi-Formal Betsey's way.

Semi-formal is coming soon (Feb.2nd) and I know the girls are trying to find a dress! (The guys have it easier, don't you think?)

In each "pair" of dresses, the one on the right is from Betsey Johnson, and the one on the left is a cheaper version. [found from, clockwise, forever21; macys; macys; alloys]. Betsey Johnson is known for her dresses, which are young, flirty, some are cute, some are classy, and they all stand out. Perfect for the girls at public school, oui?


Wendy said...

I like the cheaper alternatives you've picked! I'd love to own the blue one.

jordanleigh said...

The black dress is mine. I just hope to god that no one else will have it.

Grace said...

i'm a big betsey fan! my junior year prom dress was a lovely chartreuse number from her.