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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the street..

Highschool is when most teenagers try out driving, regardless of what their parents reactions are. However, not all teens can get a car, especially not when they first start to drive. If you're one of those teens, or if you're an adult who for some reason cannot get a car, or if you have some odd phobia of driving, take a look at this inspiring New York Times slideshow.

These people are making it around in bikes, and looking awfully happy about it. Maybe more of us should try it out, for ourselves and the environment. (I think that this would be much harder if you're not in the city, however.) I have one question though...do they feel the cold at all??



Wendy said...

She looks like shes having so much fun! If I bike to school, I'd probably freeze.

jenuine glam said...

that's amazing. have you ever seen the all white bike by chanel? so chic!