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Monday, January 14, 2008

Study Tips for the Hauttte Highschooler

Finals are coming up soon! It's time to start cramming. Admit it, everyone waits until the last moment to study. Here are some study tips for the "hauttte highschooler"...

1. Wear perfume/cologne when you study, and wear that same scent when you take your test. Memory is connected to smell. (Hint: wear a different perfume/cologne than what you usually wear)

2. While studying, keep a peppermint in your mouth... it clears your nasal passage for fresh air. More fresh air means more oxygen to the brain.

3. Make sure your study place is the right temperature! Hot temperature = makes you sleepy. Cold temperature = makes your thinking unclear.

4. Take the basic and most important concepts you learned, and turn it into a rap or a song. This will familiarize you with the key terms. (it doesn't HAVE to rhyme..)

5. After you finish studying, place your books that you studied from in the center of your room, then think to yourself, the things you need to remember from that book. The next morning, when you get up, you'll see those books again, and it'll help you remember the things you studies last night.

6. Students nowdays dont make flashcards for themselves. They write wikipedia entries. Writing the ideas in your own words will help you put your topic into words so that you can understand and memorize it better.

7. Study to music that you don't know the lyrics to, or to completely instrumental music. It stops you singing along (unintentionally too) to every song and allows you to focus completely on the task at hand.

Disclaimer: No results guaranteed. For these tips to help you still must actually study!


Anonymous said...

wouldn't you choke on the peppermint?!

What happened to the old layout? I really liked it!

Ana said...

these are very nice tips. i like the header
comment my blog

nannies crochet said...

I have a habit of spraying 2 diff types of perfume each time.(Usually, the concoction will incl. a hybrix of masculine note and flora scent)

Cee-Cee said...

love your tips!!

Grace said...

muy intersante. :] although, i heard that if you wear perfume, wear the same perfume you used while studying to a test.

p.s. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/03/19/AR2007031901624.html
if you're interested in reading more about the power of peppermint!

great post!

coco said...

I love the smell of daisy its sweet but not in a sickly way

Wendy said...

Interesting tips, I'm definitely going to try them out seeing as I can never get myself to focus when I study.

the t-shirt girl said...

these are great! i love the perfume and wikipedia ideas! i think i will save these for finals...lol i just finished my exams yesterday; if only i had known :(

Aurora Orsini said...

1 - Oh wow, now that's cool! Your perfume helps you remember those tough topics!
2 - It also keeps you concentrated.
4 - Better than mnemonics?
7 - Classical music might help. Yep, that's the Mozart effect right there.

And the most important thing which students tend to forget is that they shouldn't feel any pressure. Just take a deep breath, take it easy, and relax. An organized study plan also helps a lot, especially for major exams like standardized tests. Cheers!